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Scarecrow Trail

Saturday 26th August to Sunday 3rd September

The Results Are In!

It was another very successful year enjoyed by SO many people! HUGE THANKS to everyone who took part and MASSIVE THANKS to everyone who bought maps and voted. This event is all about the Community enjoying something together, we hope you all had fun!

The Winners

Individual's Category

1st Place with a £50 prize was

IND3 on Orchard Avenue

Always popular, always well deserved!

2nd Place with a £30 prize went to

IND8 of Rogers Court

putting Lee Moor on the map! She was just packing to go home after her holiday


3rd Place with a £20 prize was

IND6 on Lake Lock Road

Getting that much WIRE around that much STRAW is NO mean feat! 1 happy little boy!

Business Category

A Landslide Victory for Stanley's very own family butchers!

That little dog can't POSSIBLY eat that many sausages....


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