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Flower, Vegetable & Baking Show 2024

At the Stanley Gala, Saturday 3rd August 12-5pm

St Peter's Church Centre, Lake Lock Road, WF3 4HW






ADULT – 50p per entry

JUNIORS - free (11 & under and 12 – 17 years)


Enter as many classes as you like!

Following last year's HUGE success, most of the classes have remained the same but with some interesting additions to the Handicrafts classes for the under 18's.

Entries for the Show can be made online through the link at the bottom of the page or pick up a paper copy of the schedule from Stanley Library or Stanley Hub opposite the Wheatsheaf Pub on Lake Lock Road.




We aim to keep it a friendly, fun competition, more about growing and taking part than winning but we take great pleasure when our Judges present the Trophies, Rosettes and Certificates.

So take a look and get Growing, Baking, Making and who might be BEST in SHOW 2024!

General Information

Entries for adults are 50p per exhibit. You may enter exhibits in as many classes as you wish (but only 1 exhibit per class). Junior entries are free but again, only 1 entrant per class. Juniors may enter an exhibit in an adult class but will be charged the 50p entry fee.


Entries will not be accepted on the day without prior registration.


Please read the specification for each class carefully. Exhibits must meet the criteria specified.


All vegetables and flowers must have been grown by the entrant (unless specified) and must have been completed in the 12 months prior to the Show. In the Baking classes, the exhibit must have been made by, and be the exclusive property of, the entrant. In the Junior categories, exhibits must have been grown, baked or made primarily by the child/young person, with minimal support.


Please consider how your exhibit will be displayed, referring to the specification. All possible care will be given to the exhibits but Stanley Residents Group will not be responsible for any loss or damage should it occur.

How to enter: 

You can enter by completing the entry form at the bottom of this page and sending payment to:

Stanley Residents Group

Account number: 57719660

Sort Code: 30-98-97

Please use the following reference: "VEG"+ your initials


Alternatively, you can collect a hard copy of the schedule and registration form from:

- The Library at the Community Centre

- The leaflet dispensers which are located at 403 Aberford Road & the Little Library on Lake Lock Road


You can return registration forms by post (By putting them in the Stanley Residents Group letterbox located outside Stanley Nursery at the Little Library), with the cash amount.


On The Day


Please come to the main hall of Stanley St Peter’s Church Centre on Lake Lock Road between 9:00 and 10:00 with your entries. Own staging of exhibits must be complete by 10:15.


Registrants are to stage their own exhibits in the space indicated by the Show officials. 23cm plates will be provided for the display of exhibits where required. Entrants are required to display floral exhibits in their own vases. Please ensure the vase is adequate for the blooms being displayed to avoid the risk of falling over.


The Show is open for public viewing from 12:00 to 16:00. Exhibits may be removed from the hall from 16:00. Any exhibits not removed by 16:30 will be donated to the Church and/or others.




Exhibits are judged anonymously.


Each exhibit will be given a unique identifying card for its class on the day of the Show. No names or other identifying material will be permitted to ensure fairness.

Judging will take place between 10:30 and 12:00. No entrants are permitted to enter the hall during this time. Prize money will be placed at the side of the exhibit and can be collected from 12:00.


Objection to any exhibit must be made to the Show officials before 10:30. A charge of £1 will be made if the objection is not sustained or is considered frivolous.


The decision of the judges is final.




1st = £2:   2nd = £1:   3rd = 50p; in each class.


Entrants with an exhibit judged best in each category (Vegetable; Flower; Baking) will receive a certificate and their name will be added to the Best in Show trophy board.


Best in Show Handicrafts will receive a certificate and their name will be engraved on the Handicraft trophy.


A certificate will be awarded for 1st in the Harry Lodge BEM award for Top Tray Class. 


Juniors (11 & Under; 12-17 years)

1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class will receive a rosette.


Entrants with an exhibit judged best in each category (Vegetable, Flower, Baking, Crafts) will receive a £5 gift voucher, Best in Show certificate and have their name added to the relevant trophy.


You can download a pdf version of the information below here




To be displayed on a 23cm plate (provided), unless specified otherwise


Class                      Specification                    

V1                           4 tomatoes, with calix

V2                           4 beans

V3                           1 courgette

V4                           3 beetroot with 3" tops

V5                           Heaviest onion, as grown

V6                           1 of any vegetable not mentioned above

V7                           Top Tray Class: Any number or variety of vegetables, displayed direct on the table or in a manner of your choosing (e.g., basket, box, trug) but must fit within a marked area of 40cm by 40cm. The vegetables should be of good quality but the display will be judged on the overall effect: how colourful the display is; how many different types of vegetables; and, how it has been displayed.



To be displayed in own vase, unless specified otherwise.


Class                      Specification

F1                           3 dahlia, same cultivar

F2                           3 blooms, same species

F3                           Single rose

F4                           3 gladioli, laid flat on the table




Class                      Specification

FO1                        1 foliage pot plant

FO2                        1 flowering pot plant

FO3                        1 cacti or succulent plant



To be cut and sampled, except where judged on decoration.


Class                      Specification

B1                           1 cake, any type

B2                           1 cake, judged on decoration

B3                           4 scones, any type

B4                           4 tarts, any filling

B5                           4 biscuits, any type

B6                           1 pastry fruit pie



* Fresh flowers, need not have been grown by the entrant


Class                      Specification

H1                           Any hand-knitted item

H2                           Any crochet item or set

H3                           Any item of needlework

H4                           Any drawing or painting, no bigger than A3

H5                           1 buttonhole*

H6                           Floral arrangement, not to exceed 9”*



11 & Under OR 12-17 years

* need not have been grown by the entrant


Class                      Specification

JC1                         1 painted rock/pebble

JC2                         A 'build your own' model, any material/construction method (e.g., lego), no larger than 20cm by 20cm

JC3                         A drawing/painting (no bigger than A4)

JC4                         1 container of floating flower heads*

JC5                         1 fruit or vegetable animal*

JV6                         3 spring onions

JV7                         3 radishes

JV8                         1 cress head, decorated

JF9                          1 sunflower head with petals, judged on diameter

JF10                       1 gladioli, judged on length, including stem

JB11                       4 cupcakes, decorated

JB12                       4 pieces of a traybake



And if it all goes wrong, bring it anyway! We have a wonky veg table where they can be displayed for the joy of all!

veg show cacti.png
Entry Form - Deadline 1st of August 2024

Fees: 50p for Adult classes (all ages), free for Junior classes

Thank you for entering the show!

Once you have submitted your entry please pay fees to:

Stanley Residents Group

Account no.: 57719660

Sort Code: 30-98-97

Please use the following reference on your payment: "VEG "+ (your initials).

We will confirm your entry into the show by email once your entry and any payment due has been processed. Thank you!


We would be delighted to hear your thoughts on how to make the Show even better. Perhaps you would like to see something added to the schedule, or have ideas about promotion of the Show? Any suggestions are gratefully received. You can do so by speaking to a member of the team on the day or emailing us at: 

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