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Stanley Heritage Trail

Use the online map here: Online Map

The Children's Trail Hunt is back!

Join us this summer to walk the Trail, and go on an adventure!

There are hidden stamps along the trail, collect them to claim a prize! The stamps will be hidden from

27th July to 11 August.

Trail Launch - Hunt - collect your stampcard Summer 24.jpg
Heritage Trail - Hunt - Gala.jpg

Stamp cards will be available at Stanley Gala, Saturday 3 August, 12-5pm at St Peter's Church, Lake Lock Road.


Prizes can also be claimed at the Gala on Saturday 3 August, by those who have already completed the Trail Hunt. Bring your completed stamp card to collect your prize!

If you can't make it to the Gala, stamp cards will be available from:

  - Stanley Library, Lake Lock Road

  - Secret Shop, Stanley Ferry

  - St Peter's Church Centre

Prizes to be claimed by 18th August.

Happy trail hunting!

Find out about Stanley’s past from the Bronze Age to the present by walking the new Heritage Trail!

Visit 38 points of interest along a 6.5 mile route, which is conveniently divided into three shorter walks, beginning or ending at one of Stanley’s pubs.

We have maps available both on paper or online.

Paper Maps - You can pick up your free fold-out map from:

o   Stanley Library

o   Local Pubs (Travellers, Graziers, Waggon and Horses, Thatched, Wheatsheaf)

o   Wakefield Museum

o   Or email or use our Contact Page to request one.

Online Map here:   Online Map

Follow the online GOOGLEMAPS version on your phone or laptop. This has bonus pictures, information and weblinks for a fuller history. It can also be viewed from an armchair! How to use the map:

o   Open the link. Click on the numbered points of interest to view information, bonus pictures, and weblinks about points of interest. Click on the lines for route instructions and warnings.

o   On Phones: You may need to scroll down to view text and scroll across images to view them all.  If you have location services on, the map should track where you are on the route.

o   On Computers: Information should appear on the left of the screen. Scroll down to reveal it all. Click on the photographs. If there is more than one you may need to click the arrows to the side of each photo to reveal the next one.

Please be careful! The route follows pavements, rough footpaths and trails, some of which are uneven, muddy, slippery and close to open water. Walkers use the trail at their own risk. Proper footwear should be worn. Please take extra care when following the trail in winter months. Stay away from river-side portions when the water levels are high. There are alternative routes following pavements.

Creation & Development of the Heritage Trail

The heritage trail was created by Stanley Residents Group volunteers with funding from Wakefield Council, National Lotteries, Coop Local Causes and local donations. It is a collaborative project that draws on contributions from past, present and future locals to make a living community repository for our local history.

PAST: We integrated previous research by local historians including Frank Poskett, and Stanley History Online website (now archived).

PRESENT: We integrated lots of feedback from locals as we developed the map. We would love to hear your feedback on using the map!

FUTURE: The online version of the map is designed to keep growing and we want you to send us what you know about our local history! This could be corrections, further information or images about the points on the trail, or other points beyond the current map. There is no deadline for telling us what to add.

To send us your feedback on the map, or contribute more to it, email us at or use our Contact Page.


Guided Trail Walks

There will be guided trail walks and children's activities along the trail in the spring and summer. Keep checking back for updates!

Stanley's History

Stanley has an amazing history. From Bronze Age axe finds, to an 11th Century log boat, Roman coins, and world firsts such as the Stanley Ferry iron suspension aqueduct, not to mention its coal mining, rail and water transportation heritage. There is so much more to Stanley than many may realise!

Enthusiastic and dedicated local historians have trod this path before – researching and collating aspects of Stanley’s history. You may be familiar with Frank Posketts book, ‘A little bit about Stanley in Bygone Days’, or the collation of material and photographic archive on Stanley History Online, and other collections in Stanley Library. We’ve drawn on these and other academic literature to pull together for the first time, a Trail of more than 30 Points of Interest across the village.

With funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, the Co-op Local Causes fund, St Peter's Church and Wakefield Council Culture Grant, Stanley Residents Group volunteers and others have worked incredibly hard to deliver:

  • An Information Board about the former Grade II listed St Peter’s Church (1824-2014) is now installed at the St Peter’s Community Memorial Garden

  • The Online Heritage Trail with outline information and signposting to further reading on more than 30 Points of Interest in Stanley

  • A professionally-designed paper Trail map, funded by Wakefield Council Culture Grant and designed by local firm Rhubarb Design, publicly available free of charge.

Heritage Trail Feedback

We would love to have your feedback on the Heritage Trail. It will help inform us for the final content of the map!

Thank you for your feedback!

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